Honeywell PX4i Printer

The Honeywell PX4i Printer (PX4C010000005130) is an incredible, high performance barcode printer, that is renowned for its durable build and cutting edge smart features.

In particular, the user interface is extremely flexible, allowing the user to optimise their printing operations and streamline deployment, in order to achieve maximum output.

As an integral part of Honeywell’s complete line of smart, robust and secure industrial printers, the PX4i barcode printer delivers on its promises. Built to meet the needs of round-the-clock, demanding applications, the trusty PX4i delivers advanced connectivity and network protocols. Furthermore, the Honeywell PX4i provides peace-of mind in knowing you’re in the safe hands of one of the markets most reliable barcode printers.

You may be wondering exactly which features the PX4i barcode printer offers that you can benefit from? Well, we’re here to enlighten you and help make investing in a PX4i printer the easiest choice you’ve ever made.

1. The Honeywell PX4i’s Smart Features

The PX4i printer includes smart design features that support increased productivity, in the most demanding environments. In order to reduce errors and streamline operational processes, the Honeywell PX4i has the ability to run stand-alone applications that have been developed through Honeywell fingerprint programming language.

Outstanding device management and diagnostic capabilities dramatically reduce the downtime and simplify the deployment of this printer. The modular design of the printer offers facilitation to integrate automated labelling applications, in turn, allowing you to maximise deployment.

2. Durable Build Quality of The PX4i

Durability is something we all consider, when purchasing a printer. Interestingly, the dependable PX4i label printer is built within a protective, metal casing and offers superior throughput whilst maintaining continuous high performance printing in harsh, industrial environments.

Epitomizing the capabilities of a truly market-leading label printer, the PX4i is capable of producing up to 12 inches per second from its first label to the last, all whilst activating features to minimise maintenance costs.

Due to the integrated QuickMount printhead design, replacing printheads has never been quicker or easier. Standing out from the crowd, the PX4i printer is the spearhead of the PX Series. Due to the fact that this printer is co-engineered and tested with Honeywell labels, its performance is optimised when used with authentic Honeywell media.

3. Security Features of the PX4i

Like all modern technology, we want to protect it from any threats. Luckily, the PX4i barcode printer offers multiple interface options, including wireless connectivity (WPA2), which provides the highest level of security. As a result, it reduces configuration time and maintains wireless network integrity. In addition, the PX4i has both WiFi and CCX-Certifications available.

Complementing the standard CompactFlash memory slot is a brand new USB host and device support. Both handy and extremely compatible, these increased memory technologies provide extra storage for fingerprint programs, fonts and firmware upgrades.

4. The Hardware

The LCD display has been specially designed with a user in mind, in order to make operating the PX4i barcode printer extremely simple and friendly. With the ability to operate stand alone devices, executing user-defined programs, eliminates the need for a PC altogether. The PX4i is able to operate production line machinery such as scanners, scales and conveyors as well as the ability to access information directly from the network host.

The Honeywell PX4i Printer

So, as you’ve discovered from above, the PX4i Barcode printer is capable of handling anything you throw at it in almost any environment. Featuring an extensive list of exceptional features that will allow you to take your label printing exploits to the next level, investing is in a PX4i isn’t something you should need to think twice about.

If you’re impressed by what the Honeywell PX4i printer has to offer, you can contact us today and we’ll begin the purchasing process. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to someone directly, you can call us on 01482 650596.